An Interview with My Mum: She stays at home.

Virtually everyone on this planet have the bizarre thought that a woman who dosn’t go to work but stays at home is lazy and boring. They feel that such woman would be fat, ugly, lazy, boring and dull. They think they might not get through a conversation with them without dying of boredom.  Well, I decided to do some investigations and I came up with this interview of my mum. Why? She’s a clear opposite of the tags placed on housewives. My mum is young; early forties, fair, of average height, mother of three…okay let her do the talking…


BRIEF INTRODUCTION: Married to an engineer. An african woman who loves rich african culture, in her early forties and a lover of the colour green; it’s nature. A graduate of Federal Polytechnic, Oko, Anambra state, Nigeria. Read banking and finance- once worked in an oil company as an accountant. A Nigerian; Delta state to be precise.

THE DECISION TO BE A HOUSEWIFE WAS IT YOURS OR NATURE’S? That decision was mine. Like I said earlier on in my introduction, I was working as an accountant when I got married and when the kids started coming, I resigned. I resigned because I wanted to give my kids the full attention they deserve, moreover I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving my kids with someone or at the day care even for a minute or two. 

YOUR EXPERIENCE SO FAR? I’ve been a housewife for the past eighteen years, and my experience is a double sided one. Sometimes annoying, other times good but most of the time it has been wonderful. My staying at home to look after my children; all three of them, has helped me grow up with them, it has broadened and expanded my knowledge about them and so now, even though they are much older I know them inside out. I know what Stacy can do, I know what Anne can do likewise what Nicholas can do. So no one can tell a lie against them because I know them inside out. Another part of my experience is with the home. I’ve been able to maintain my home, knowing what goes in and out, who comes in and who goes out, keeping the home neat and clean especially when the kids were still little. And the sweetest experience so far with being a housewife is  my personal life experience.

HOW? The things I do as a housewife, the freedom and space I have, I may not have done or had any of those assets if I were working. Things I enjoyed like getting them ready for school, feeding the baby, taking long strolls when no one else was at home and things I still do like driving around the neighbourhood,  paying more attention to my looks, going to the gym….oohhh and the social aspects too, outings; alone and with the family, parties, hanging out with friends, taking the kids to parties and organising their own, celebrating birthdays in full and not having anything like work get in the way. Now I can get through a manicure session successfully- *giggles* I hardly got through a manicure-pedicure session without messing it up, now I get through easily. And most importantly it has helped in my closeness to God. Staying at home has given me more time to draw closer to God, knowing God more, reading my bible and praying for my family.

SO BEING A WORKING MOTHER IS WRONG? Not at all, it isn’t wrong. When it becomes wrong is when you put work before your kids and family, when your family is lacking and your focus is on your work. However, if you are coping well with the kids and work, and the results with the family is positive, go ahead dear, keep it up!!!

*clears throat* without heading any further, I hope I’ve been able to prove to you beyond any reasonable doubt through this interview with my mum that a being a housewife is still very much as interesting or even more interesting than being a working mum…….*courtesies*











  1. ManiacHarDik · June 8, 2014

    Applause for your mum 👌

  2. priscasart · June 8, 2014

    Wow! This has just broadened my insight. Rukky abeg make I speak am like this: 3 gbosas for your mum .

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