A cup of Mercy & A teaspoon of Grace



He was a chronic herbalist and by herbalist I mean voodoo; you know, blackmagic, the dark arts and stuffs. He had sacrificed lot of souls and wasted lives. Thwarting of destinies was his hobby, causing mayhem his vocation. He handled the dark art affairs very well; so well that he looked like a ‘god” himself. He wore charms and amulets, smeared animal blood all over his body and he had his bath next to never. He made young ones scurry for safety and little children cling thightly to the hem of their mothers dress, so fearful and native was he that mothers used him to scare children to do their bidings: “eat your food now or I’ll call the voodoo man”, “go and have your bath or the herbalist would take you away.” He made men tremble and women faint. His voodoo was his life, he had no family,  his charms and amulets were enough.

And then…

He fell seriously ill; and on his death bed, he gave his life to christ and of course, God will accept a sinner because he is now labelled a new creature. I told a friend of mine this story and the question he asked was so complex; “Why should God forgive him after all the souls he had wasted so many lives?” And I still asked myself that same question “why did God forgive him?” The answer is MERCY. Our God is sooooo full of mercy, he is ever forgiving and always ready to give us a warm embrace and say “Welcome back home.” His fountain of mercy never runs dry and he gracefully fills our cup of mercy so that it overflows incessantly. No matter the type of sin one might have committed, once genuine repentance takes place, mercy sets in, grace covers all and sins are erased, forgiven and forgotten.  “WHAT AN AURA OF MERCY WE HAVE FROM GOD”

Mercy is God’s work that never tires him or wears him out. You may cower because of your sins, but his mercy is still there- brand new, unfading and never wears out. When he flooded the world during the time of noah, mercy made him declare the rainbow convenant to all of mankind; born and yet unborn. Mercy made him send his only begotten son “JESUS”; that is a very enormous gesture of mercy that none can contend with. Such act deserves an applause. .no…an award; and that award is the redemption of your soul and my soul.             A story was told of a pastor who was once a ritualist. He had killed so many souls and stolen destinies from a lot of people, rendering them useless. As God will have it he was given a cup of mercy and a spoon of Grace; and that brought about his repentance. He was later called to serve as a pastor. During a crusade he made an alter call and a particular man came out, seeing the man, the pastor broke down in tears, when he was asked why he wept, he explained that the man who came out was one of the people whose destiny he had taken…..but mercy made him a pastor, and mercy restored the hope and glory of the other man- mercy, mercy, mercy.

It is not that God ignores our sins or pretends it never happened, but because of his great love for us, his inestimable measure of mercy and his extravagant grace he declares us worthy through christ. There is no need anymore to hide in the shadows, we can be known and be free. We may be dissapointed in ourselves and exchange mercy for miles, putting distance between us and God. God is not like that, he still yearns for us to draw closer to him. Knowing all our sins and wrongdoings, he reaches out and pulls us close— THAT IS MERCY!!!
















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