The Body Begat The Name

According to Wikipedia, Success can be defined as an attainment of higher social status, the achievement of a goal… I’ll rather reckon with the latter part of this definition “…the achievement of a goal…” for now, till I give my own definition of success.
Success you’ll agree cannot be achieved without hardwork but there must be a vision at the beginning of the line. When one has a vision, for it to become a success, hardwork must be included. You don’t just wake up with a vision and all of a sudden embrace success;its a gradual process that must be backed up with hardwork. Its like a body and a name; there’s no name without a body. For instance, my mum could never have named me Stacy if there was no ‘body’, so also a name cannot be given to an organisation without the organisation(physical). That’s a perfect illustration for hardwork and success. Hardwork is the body, Success is the name. The body carries the name.
If one has vision but lacks hardwork-no matter how bright, wonderful and achievable that vision is, there is no way success can be achieved. Its a norm to have vision (haven’t seen anyone without a vision tho) however that vision must be braced with hardwork because its the bridge to success. If you don’t want to pass this bridge but still want to attain success, its impossible because the ‘truth of the matter’ is that there are no shortcuts. When that vision get implanted in you, you must plough and till its young tender soil with hardwork to finally reap success. You can’t attain success without hardwork, same as there is no perfectly working car without an engine or its source of power; but if you see any you’re free to contact me and i’ll reverse this statement; awww don’t get about hoping for Toyota or Nissan or Hyundai to come up with such an idea, nothing works without a source of power and Hardwork definitely and forever will come first before success.
A student who wrote an exam with the aim of getting an A+ but got a C, had backed up that goal with work and not ‘HARD’work. Let me lay emphasis on the kind of work you need to give that vision a successful end; you need ‘HARD’work, not just -work. Success is the name, Hardwork is the body, and the body begat the name. Until a mother gives birth to a baby that can be held,seen and felt, that is when the name becomes useful and valuable. An organisation without the individuals coming together to stand as a body, cannot have a name. Success comes after hardwork, it has never been the other way round. The likes of NELSON MANDELA, BEN CARSON, ELEANOR ROOSEVELT, OPRAH WINFREY…but to mention a few have proved to me beyond measure, that hardwork used to brace and back up your vision would definately integrate a rupture of success.
If you want to achieve your vision and not just achieving it but successfully achieving that vision, get that engine started, top it up with an extra-energy-fuelled ‘HARD’work and drive up all the way to success.
Remember, Hardwork is the body; Success is the name…
No name without a body.
For your Vision to be materialised, Hardwork first, Success next.
I said I was going to give my own definition of success- “Success is the end product of an aim, goal, ambition or vision, that has been coherently backed up by Hardwork”.


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