Where Words Meet

“Get out”, She yelled “I don’t ever want to set my eyes on you, you’re a disgrace,” she continued “you bring me pain and shame, I hate you, I despise you, you irritate me…I…I…

Have you ever said something(s) to someone and at the end you felt bad and wished you could take it back, or has someone ever said something to you that made you feel weak and weary. Of course, you must be in either one of the category or both. There were times when someone said some pretty or rather, extremely harsh words to me and no matter my reaction, be it positive or negative, those words had already been spoken. And try as the person might, the apologies could help ease the pain and hurt brought about by those words, but the sad part about words that spill out of our mouth is that-THEY CAN NEVER BE TAKEN BACK. Everything we give in this world can be taken back except the words that come out of our mouth.
On our planet earth, there are people with different vocal-box control buttons, just as there are cars whose engine capacity differs from each other. Just as there are those whose voice-box package comes with an easy-to-control button that there is little or no need for one to read its operational manual, so also there are those whose control button is stiff, hard and could make the fingers go numb, not forgetting that you’ll need dozens and scores of manuals to learn how to operate and control it.
Dealing with people who have the latter package could be quite difficult. They’re the kind of people I’ll refer to as “BLUNT(BUT)INCONSIDERATE”. They are the ones who’ll tell you to your face that you suck and could even exaggerate how much you suck, the ones who’ll boldly slander you in your face and say how much of a retard you are, not minding where and how much hurt the words would cause.
Such people need extra care and caution in their everyday activities with others. I’ve come to the conclusion that these kind of people, tend to elevate and give themselves “self-appraise” or let me put it this way “self wash” and they love to play the game “oh-I’m-way-smarter-than-you”, and they have the “Red Alert Boldness”. My advise to you dear is that whenever such people get too comfortable and bold around you, Get up and FLEE!
What kind of word(s) have you said to someone or has someone said to you? Trust me if you felt bad after saying hurtful words to someone you still have your conscience intact and i’ll find you way approachable than those who’ll say spiteful things and don’t act in any way concerned. How do you relate with others in your day to day affairs. No matter how much wrong a person does and no matter the gravity of fault one has, saying hurting and aggravated words only makes you more at fault than the person you are trying to reprimand. Control the words that come out of your mouth. Making others feel hurt by your words don’t make you smart, wise or blunt rather it depicts a mean, unconcerned and gory image of you.
If everyone on earth thought before they spoke, no matter the situation involved, the world would be a better place: free from hurt, pain and anger brought about by words said. A Biblical example should be that of Adam, when God asked him why he ate the forbidden fruit and Adam responded outrightly saying “is it not the woman you gave me”. I’m sure he must have felt sorry afterwards but it was too late, he had already spoken. Try watching what you say and how you talk because truth be told, the thing about words still remains “THEY CAN NEVER BE TAKEN BACK”
I composed the poem below, to show how words could go a long way, either hurting or mending.

Around the corner I have a friend
A friend so dear to the end
A friend so real even at a bend
A friend that sticks to the end

At dawn he’s there to share my joy
At noon he stays to share my pain
One whose heart is more beautiful than Helen of Troy
And has no single blot of vain

In my celebrations he comes first
And he’s there at his best
Two worlds became one
Together forever,then and now

But deciet crawled in
And mistrust caved in
Words were said
Sentences flew in and out
We least cared
What was going on about

Words that pierced
Words that shattered
Words that broke
Were the words we spoke

And even though at the end
The crack in the wall we mend
Things were never the same again
Because words had caused us pain
Things shared and said

But even with the scar
I’ll rather bend the bar
Because I have a friend so dear
One who sticks out to the End.

The world would be a better place if only we all thought before we spoke. What have you said to someone that hurt so much; even a mere joke could cause a strain and push the gap between you and that person further apart.
My Dad illustrates it this way “The world is totally unbalanced, it’s tilted. Every good and kind word we say, gives our little unbalanced world a right-side-up push to gradually balance it and every hurtful and bad word we say gives the world a wrong-side-up push, leaving mother earth totally and more unbalanced”.
Learn to use your mouth wisely; Control that which comes out of your mouth. Bless and don’t Cause. Appreciate and don’t Discriminate. Commend don’t Condem. Tell sweet words of encouragement from soul to soul. Applaud when necessary; and if there be need for correction, do it with love and understanding. For…

There’s that Friend Around the Corner
Whose joy we share without no border
But if wrong words are spilled
The joy of our friend is killed
And tho we would love him to stay
Our friend might just have to go
A price we have to pay
For making our words so cold.


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