My Halloween Diary.

I love when Halloween is around the corner because I get to see people in TV dressed up as horrors in various costume styles. I love the scary-fat-triangle-eyed-pumpkin-faced man and his “HAHAHAH”laugh filled with an amusing amount of terror.
The Halloween spirit has begun to rubb off on everyone(except for a few in Africa). Kids are getting dressed as horrors, going from door-to-door demanding candy with menaces.
I’ve never had an upclose participation in the Halloween event;technically, Halloween isn’t recognised in Africa, precisely Nigeria and that is where I come from. But that doesn’t mean I can’t bask in the Halloween spirit. This year my parents decided to observe Halloween in a rather peculiar style; by telling us true stories that had been passed from generation to generation.

DAY 1:So for yesterday’s story, my dad in his own words, told us a strange story…

“My grandfather was a very wealthy man who had lots of possessions; animals, farmlands, gold, money, etc. He had eight slaves in the house -OVADJE COURT-, eight slaves on each farmlands; altogether he had 40 slaves and still counting. His favourite however was a young girl from the Gold Coast, now Ghana called Nana Gold. Grandpa gave her the name because he found her when she was very little, during one of his trips to Ghana and he brought her home with him to be his servant but she was more like a daughter to him. Grandpa treated all his servants so well that if you ever saw them, they looked well kept and fed like kings. Nana was very hardworking and beautiful, although she was the youngest “slave-daughter” my grandfather had. Grandpa’s house had an orchid in front of it and that was Nana’s favourite hangout.
One morning, she was sweeping the front of the house, around the orchid when the most wicked beast; a lion came out from one of the bushes around, pounced on Nana and took her away…”
That was yesterday’s story in my father’s own words. Nana was taken away by a Lion and nobody could help her…did she shout, did she fight back…

At this point, I have to stop writing because my siblings and I are taking out investigations (don’t be decieved, we are arguing not investigating) into the disappearance of Nana.
I think the Lion took Nana away for another reason but not to eat her, however,
My cousin also feels that Nana must have been alive with the lion several years later as she was only 16 when it took her away…
As you’re getting into the Halloween mood, duty “operation investigation of Nana’s disappearance” calls for me.
You can join in our investigations, you’re welcome on the team. We’ll appreciate.
H A P P Y H A L L O W E E N ★


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