My Halloween Diary.

Yesterday it was my mum’s turn to tell a story and hers was really creepy-who am I kidding it was scary! Ha! gotcha *grins*. Okay honestly it was scary, but thats the fun of Halloween-the Scare, the Horror…and my mum’s story begins…in her own words…

“When my mother was quite young, she was a tough lady, very bold and dared anyone even boys way older than her who she knew quite well could easily beat her to pulp. She was rather too strong for her age and nobody dared challenge Janet(that’s her name) unless you wanted to go home with bruises.
One day, she was at the village centre and all of a sudden she wanted to answer Nature’s call, so she ran back home to use the toilet but on getting there, the toilet was “in use” that very moment. Seeing that the toilet was occupied and that if she decided to wait for the person, Nature might embarrass her; she decided to use one of the bushes around (don’t raise that brow, of course there were bushes around back then, oh and my Grandma is a babe. Her action is justified :p)
Whilst answering Nature’s call, she heared a voice coming from inside the bush, it was singing but she couldn’t make out the words of the song. When she was through, she decided to peep and see who it was. When she peeped, Lo and behold…
She saw The Devil, playing with his baby and was singing “my baby’s bottom papapa, my baby’s bottom papapa…”
She went cold and goose flesh appeared all over her body immediately. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her, although she could swear that what she saw was real and not a dream. However, the creature didn’t see her, but that was just her first encounter…
(You’re scared right, that’s how we all felt yesterday as my mum told the story but that’s the spirit of Halloween…SCARES!)
Many years later, when she was married and was through with child bearing, with her youngest child at age 11(that’s my mum), she went to visit her mother and spent quite a long time there. Evening was fast approaching so she decide to go back home and on her way home, she looked up and saw some children playing in the middle of the road but their play was rather awkward for two reasons; children were supposed to be at home by now as it was already getting dark and the fact that they would run into the bush, run back to the middle of the road and shake their bodies in a weird way all in the name of playing. They did this repeatedly and as my mum got closer, she noticed that the children were like dwarfs and were very black, as black as coal. She was getting scared already and as she got closer to where the children were playing she could swear she heared a voice call them in a language she couldn’t understand. The children then looked up, saw her and ran into the bush. As she passed the very spot where they were playing, she suddenly became cold and a chill ran down her spine, making her develop goose flesh; They were the devil’s children!
She hurried home as fast as her legs could carry her, not even daring to look back for fear of the unexpected.
…This is really creepy but again what is Halloween without the scares and horrors.
Have fun this Halloween season and watch out for an extremely black man and his black children, they might be somewhere around the corner…who knows…
H A P P Y H A L L O W E E N.


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