…To The Abductors Of My Sisters(Chibok Girls).

In years gone by, I’ve read detective books and watched Crime scenes, depicting how wrongdoers lived their lives in horror and fear of the unexpected.

How they are startled by every little noise and movement because of the guilt that’s written all over their hearts, the guilt that they fail to surrender to but would rather cover up with more evil doings. As the days roll by, I’ve come to the realization that a person does not just become evil overnight; its in-born. Its like a sore that refuses to heal but eats deeper and deeper into the soul of its victim thereby shearing their conscience into two.

Such was my naivety because “evil” seemed so far away from me. Then it came so close to me, i could feel its hot breath down my spine; on the night of 14-15 April, you took away my sisters, from their school dormitories. Oh how your conscience has been destroyed, that you’ll take 276 girls away without the fear of being struck dead or blind by supernatural forces. How did you do it? Did you force their door down, or did you come in through the windows? Did you threaten them with death if they screamed, or did you tie their mouths? Did you drag them, gag them, bundle them…how did you do it so easily without fear and empathy? Empathy on the children, their mothers, their families, the nation, the world. Oh I know how; such a carnal act could only be done by the most wicked of all flesh, the most stony of all hearts and that is YOU!

With the tears in my eyes as i write this and the sorrow in my heart, listen very carefully- The Bible which we uphold says vengeance is God’s and indeed the Quran as well says there is no hiding place for the wicked. Yes, vengeance is very close, so close, closer than you think. Don’t get your hopes up, that you are going to go Scot-free- oh no you won’t because our prayers, our cries and our voices go high up through the skies, straight up to heaven and we know that God would vindicate my sisters, our daughters.

Why did you take them? What do you want to use them for; money, trafficking or just for pleasure. If its money, forget it- the evil that men do will live after them. If its for pleasure, you are bastards that would rot in the deepest, darkest part of hell. My sisters are crying everyday: i can feel it. Their wails, tears and agony go up to the heavens and they can never be ignored. Oh the joy of motherhood, to see that child you nurtured, preserved and prayed for finally growing up, having access to knowledge and moral values of life. Such peace in the heart of a mother when her child begins to achieve and progress in life…but you’ll never know how it feels. Yes, you’ll never know how it feels- to carry a child in the womb for nine months, to bring that child successfully into this world, to cater for and nurture that child; because you are beasts, animals, ingrates that the world is against.

Mother nature curses you. The earth repulses you. The four elements(water,wind,fire,earth) despises you. For taking sleep from our eyes and joy from our mouths, you’ll never know peace. You’ll forever languish in pain and sorrow. Upon the tears of their mothers, your hearts will drown. Sorrow would be your companion and pain at your dining table. You’ll go to sleep in fear and wake up in anguish. Peace will be a stranger to you and curses you will bear. For taking away my sisters, your counsel would be turned to nothing, your troubles would surround you- like hot coals on your heads and burning sulfur on your feet. The sun will look upon you angrily and the moon would stare at you till you freeze.

You who took away the tomorrow from the hearts of my sisters                                                                  You who bought tears to their hearts                                                                                                           You who make them quiver at the slightest sound                                                                                     You who make their mothers cry                                                                                                                 You who shattered their dreams and sent their goals to sleep for eternity…

The world may have forgotten your evil act but i haven’t and so have many other people all over the world. You may think that we are scared, how wrong you are. You are the cowards here; you take away our girls and go into hiding, only revealing yourselves through stupid videos and silly comments…who does that? You may think that you have succeed but there is no peace for the wicked.

Do you know, that there were actually three people present in my sisters room(s) on that night? The all seeing God, the omnipotent, the ever present…He was there and He witnessed that evil and He is calling you to surrender. Kidnappers!!!! Look! Feel!

Hear the sound of the footstep and see the long arms of the law looming over you like the sun covers the earth ………….

The Avenger is upon you like the waves of the Ocean smashing against the rock and there is no escape for God is a just God.

I know that no matter what you do to my sisters, God is in control and that gives me peace.

What kind of peace can an evil person have?




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