…Like A Wall

A story was told of a believer who was fleeing from enemies during a time of persecution in North Africa. Pursued by them over hill and valley with no place to hide, he became exhausted and fell into a wayside cave, expecting his enemies to find him soon. Awaiting his death, he saw a spider weaving a web. Within minutes, the little bug had woven a beautiful web across the mouth of the cave. The pursuers arrived and wondered if he was hiding there, but on seeing the unbroken and untangled piece of art, they thought it impossible for him to have entered the cave without dismantling the web. And so they went on. Having escaped, he burst out and exclaimed:

“Where God is, a spider’s web is like a wall, Where God is not, a wall is like a spider’s web”.

The above story shows that there is absolute security and protection in God, especially for His children.

Isaiah 41:10 says “Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you; I will help you; I will hold on to you with My righteous right hand”.

If God is involved there is absolutely no reason to fear. Bible facts tell us that the word FEAR appeared 365 times in the bible…so for everyday of the year and everyday of our lives, God is there and he says FEAR NOT!!!


Review: The Best Poems & Poets Of 2005


Title: The Best Poems And Poets Of 2005

Genre: Poetry

Publisher: The International Library Of Poetry

Editor: Howard Ely

Links: Amazon

Throughout life, information is collected and stored. These informations are based on experience and its storage is our own way of trying to make sense of it. Our inability to fully understand these experiences is based upon the fact that we look at the surface of the things that occur in our lives, whereas, the true and exact understanding comes from within these events. There is however no better way to look beneath the surface of these experiences than to externalize the informations based on these experiences. By doing this, we are giving way to a better perspective of these events and also making sure for a broader and wider view of life. Through this way, people can now tell how they feel without going off balance in description and ART is one way to do so. This ART lies in the bosom of POETRY.

An Expression of Art:

My dad is one of the those whose poems were published in this book. He and many other poets understand that there is more to the explanation of events than just its documentation and storage. They believe that the best way to document and still keep these experiences alive is in externalizing our emotions and knowledge of these events through POETRY. On the first page of the book is his poem, titled “Hurricane Blues” …

Hurricane Katrina waltzed it way

Through the planes of New Orleans

As men swayed in disarray

Like fish tossed out of water

Our hearts as empty as a cave

Our minds as blank as darkness

The holocaust befalling

And a trail of death to leave behind

Much like Hiroshima

Licking our wounds still

Our hearts sunk in desolation

Next Rita tangoed its way

To sweep the planes of the Gulf

With every flight and form

Stage to stage gathering momentum

Like a rocket heading for space

I recoiled to the thundering

Wind clapping against my roof

Rehearsing more holocaust to come

Alas! Wondering! My next move upon

My frail nerves and feeble bones

I shopped for a journey to nowhere

For tomorrow I leave town

For Hurricane Rita.

Obukaroro Ohwoataike Ovadje 

Our Feelings:

Poetry is Art

Poetry is when an Emotion has found its thoughts and the thoughts has found words- Robert Frost

Poetry is The rhythmical creation of beauty in words- Edgar Allan Poe

Poetry is an Escape form emotion and personality and only those who have personality and emotion understand what it means to escape from these things- T. S. Elliott

Poetry is The Spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings- William Wordsworth

Poetry is The one Place where people can speak their original human mind- Allen Ginsberg

Poetry is not Only Dream and vision; it is the skeleton architecture of our lives- Audre Lorde

Poetry is Genuine and can communicate before it is understood

Poetry is an Echo, asking a shadow to dance- Carl Sandburg

Poetry is Thoughts that breathe and words that burn- Thomas Gray

Poetry is the Opening and closing of a door, leaving those who look through to guess about what is seen during the moment- Carl Sandburg

Poetry is Finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the Universal, and history only the particular- Aristotle

Poetry is Nearer to vital truth than history- Plato

Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash- Leonard Cohen

Poetry is Inner Peace


“Angular” To Me…

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Angular.”

image 1

Let us therefore feed our eyes on that which holds beauty and let us set our minds on the joy it brings.

The Great Wall of China has been a World-Wonder for centuries. The story behind this wall has been passed on from generations before to generations now and would still be passed on to generation of the future. However what they failed to pass across, is the beauty in the wall itself. As i stand looking at this wall, its construction pattern, the Zig-Zag pattern it has formed upon the sturdy foundations of which it was built, i can’t help but bask in the amazement and reality that of a truth what i can see is real. Angular to me is the difference between then and now…

Angular to me is Art

Angular is Beauty

Angular is Creativity

Angular is the Agreement of Shapes to form an Amazing View

Angular is Elegance

Angular is Purpose

Angular is A-Break-From-The-Norm

Angular is Colour

Angular is the Happiness you get in knowing that that which you feast your eyes on is real

Angular is Productivity

Angular is Style

Angular is Class

Angular is Reality

Angular is The Confirmatory Signal of Victory

Angular is Hope

Angular is Peace

Angular to me is…..EVERYTHING!!!


In higher education one has the opportunity to offer compulsory and/or optional/elective courses.So with the issue of Life and Living; this cover matters pertaining to spirituality, health, social, finance, career,etc. In all, the base and the fundamental is the Spiritual, for life to have meaning you must have the basic spiritual foundations.The first and most important thing to do is to acknowledge your true state and the danger ahead, repent and get a right standing with God. The must of life is a MUST; In life there are things you must do consciously or unconsciously:

  1. YOU MUST BELONG TO A FAMILY: You naturally originate from a family and that is not your decision, spiritually however you must decide to belong to one, either the family of God through Jesus Christ or the family of darkness through Ignorance, Indecision, Unwillingness, Rebellion, Foolishness, etc.
  2. YOU MUST ALIGN IN A FORCE: There had been military alignment even before the World War 1& 2. Once you are born on earth and from the spiritual state of knowledge of good and evil, and especially from the human age of accountability you are aligned in a force line. I invite you not to stay ignorant, align with God’s force through Jesus Christ now.
  3. YOU MUST BATTLE: Whether you like it or not you have to battle and that battle has started from your conception and will continue till the final judgment before the throne of God when all shall be laid to rest but till then, YOU MUST BATTLE! Whichever family, force of alignment you are inclined, you are booked to battle, no neutral ground. The only obvious fact is that the Children of God battle to establish the truth of the battle that has been won by Jesus while others battle to waste their lives and resources.
  4. YOU MUST GIVE ACCOUNT: On whosoever side you align, you are responsible whether by implication, conception or inclination. If you battle in God’s army or satan’s force you must account for whatever you do, how and why you do what you did. On the day of accountability, you will realize YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN! Everyman shall give account of whatever he/she has done in the flesh/body.
  5. YOU MUST LIVE FOREVER: The fact remains that you are a spirit being and so life continues even after this physical World. Your account, leads to your judgment and that leads to your eternal destination in Heaven with Jesus Christ the Chief Captain of the Army of God or with satan the arch-enemy of man and the chief captain of the host of darkness. Then some will bless God forever while others will weep and cry had i known forever, and then your address would be eternally fixed.

Where Stand Ye?


Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might-Ecclesiastes 9:10″

My little cousin Paula is the greatest rule maker I’ve ever known. At age 9, she dictates to almost everyone as if she were in a real military base. Her strong spirited act of willfulness and doggedness is one of the things that attracts me to her and makes me over look her obstinacy. She is someone who believes that whatever work you are asked to do…do it thoroughly and with a crowd in front of you- oh well, i forgot to mention that she loves attention and a pretty large audience topping the fact that she is the leader of her school’s group play. Her doggedness proved her commendable last year on the day of her school’s Show-and-Tell. A week to the event, she had begun announcing and informing everyone in the neighborhood-not failing to emphasize the fact that she was going to make a presentation during show and tell-and NO ONE was permitted to miss her “big” performance. She had us write it down on sticker notes and post it on the refrigerator, set our alarm for 6 am that day, recall it over and over again-trust me that wore us out even before the gloriously awaited day came.

On the day of Show-and-Tell, we drove her up to school-with weak eyelids and sleepy brains-earlier than almost everyone, except the security, cleaners and a few teachers. A few minutes later, students, parents and guests began to arrive and Show-and-Tell commenced, although most of the time i wasn’t really paying attention throughout…until it was time for Paula to make her presentation. After being called upon, she walked graciously to the stage, courtesied and started singing and dancing to the song “supacalifrajalistilispialidocious”. She did quite well although she kept mixing the tongue twister up however her sweet dainty voice could not just be ignored and the way she sang with so much gusto made me realize that although no one was really enjoying the song, she was having fun singing and with a crowd having to watch her- the two things she loved best.

Although she got the fourth position, that didn’t stop her from talking about the day’s event over-and-over again as we drove home. Later i asked Paula why she sang with so much gusto, she said “Aunt, i know most people didn’t enjoy my presentation, but the bible says that whatever your hands findeth doing, do it well, and that is exactly what i did…and that’s why i had fun today”

Her response stunned me however, it is the truth- “whatever your hands findeth doing, do it well.”                                          If its painting you know how to do-PAINT. If it is writing-WRITE, cooking-COOK, drawing-draw…whatever it is do it well. Forget about the pay or the embarrassment it may bring and go ahead and do that work well. An adage says:

“if you have a bridge to cross, cross it well so that even in your absence, people would give credit to the fact that you did it well”

Like Paula, we all should be committed to our activities and duties, and put much enthusiasm and life into what you are doing; be it toilet washing or a cleaner or a doctor or a cab man or even a lawyer…just do it WELL! So even if Paula sounded pretty funny, i can’t wait to see what her Show-and-Tell performance would look like this year December, and i know she’s going to do very well.

Give Thanks

We give thanks to you, O God, we give thanks, for your Name is near; men tell of your wonderful deeds”. -Psalm 75:1

Thankfulness has become a life theme for me, especially on bad days. Like everyone else, I sometimes feel God has passed me by, put me on a shelf, or left me in a basement to languish. But even if i can’t be thankful for what I’ve received on those days, I’m thankful for what I’ve escaped.

I once heard of a little girl who was overjoyed one evening because broccoli wasn’t on the dinner table! Whenever God puts broccoli on your plate or allows tears to flow form your eyes, remember…it is only because he has a greater good in mind. he wants to grow a rainbow in your heart.

I don’t know about you, but i don’t want to live my life in the past lane. I want to find a zillion things to be thankful for today. What are you thankful for right this moment? Aim your mind in a thankful direction by being grateful for the tiniest things: water to drink, a moment to rest, the colour of a flower or a sunset or a bird, a piece of bread, a familiar song on the radio… Keep looking for sights, smells, sounds, that make you feel pleasure, and write them down. Don’t worry about what is going on around you: the bills, the kids at school, your leaking purse, the failed admission, your job, that vegetable-like business…all these things are just tests from God to strengthen you for the BIG position he has ahead for you. The psalmist said “I have never seen the righteous forsaken”, and that word is confirmatory. God can never forget or leave you hanging on the shelve of lost-and-never-found, he can’t remember-to-forget-you, he’s always there at all times especially when those times are tough, he’s there when you fall and get a cut or when you bruise your knee, he’s there when you’re celebrating your birthday and he even blows out the candles with you…if God did not forget Joseph, Hannah, Job, Rebekah… then he wouldn’t forget you- not now, not ever. Try and do a playback of all God has done for you, from the time of your conception till now and you’ll see that there are a lot of things to be thankful for. Write them down and so whenever you feel sad or you feel neglected just take it and read out loud to yourself. One woman told me, “I’ve been writing at least five things I’m grateful for each night. It’s been wonderful. I certainly see a change. I was such a negative person.”


Decide to be thankful, and encourage one another to cultivate grateful hearts. And also remember that God is thankful for you.

November for Gratitude


Its a new month today- November to be precise, and its the 11th month of this year; yeeyyy, the year is at its peak and this got me thinking- what should be my main goal and aim for this month? I’m not talking about goal-like-goals, i’m talking about duties, achievements and landmarks for this month and what better theme for this month than “GRATITUDE”.    Why? after all the things that has happened these previous 10 months, there is no better thing to do this month than to show appreciation to God for protection, grace, mercy, love, kindness,…the list is endless. Gratitude is the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness- its a mighty force and it can change the whole landscape of our lives. It can take a situation that seems dead or hopeless and infuse it with light and life.

Mostly, practicing giving thanks in all things changes us. It is a worthy habit to pursue.


Time after time in the Word of God we are called to give thanks and it is also a moral obligation. Not only is God more than worthy of our grateful hearts, but the act of thanksgiving also reminds us of who we are and who HE is.

Every breath we take comes from him. Every good thought we have is a gift from him. When we lie down at night and sleep in peace, it is because of him. When we rise up and we are still with him, its a gift.

Gratitude is like laughter: It is internal medicine. It soothes the soul of the giver and the given.

Sometimes we need a reminder that there are more than enough thing to be thankful for. Let’s see, there are:

Family and friends—The Celestial heavens and galaxies—The beautiful earth with myriad plants and flowers—The miraculous ways in which our bodies function—The air we breathe but cannot see—Various means of transportation—Constant advances in medical science—Sanitation and clean water—Protectors of law and order—Emergency assistance—Instant telecommunication—parties and celebrations—Safe places to worship—Gravity that holds us to the ground—Paved streets and high ways with signs and signals—Safe food and refrigeration—The privilege of property ownership—Great books and libraries—Masterful paintings, music, and sculptures—People to love us and for us to love…  

You can finish this list with your own reminders of what a good life you have and why you need to show gratitude!

As we turn our hearts toward God in thanks, we turn our hearts towards each other too. We begin to notice simple kindnesses and receive them.

“The attitude of gratitude is a welcoming invitation to a party that never ends”.

I love November. As nature begins its winter slumber, our hearts are invited to awaken to a season specially set apart for thanksgiving and jubilation. As we reflect on all we have to be grateful for in the month ahead, we prepare our hearts for the most beautiful birthday season of all time.

Let’s Celebrate…………………………….Welcome to the Month of November………………………………November for Gratitude!!!

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