November for Gratitude


Its a new month today- November to be precise, and its the 11th month of this year; yeeyyy, the year is at its peak and this got me thinking- what should be my main goal and aim for this month? I’m not talking about goal-like-goals, i’m talking about duties, achievements and landmarks for this month and what better theme for this month than “GRATITUDE”.    Why? after all the things that has happened these previous 10 months, there is no better thing to do this month than to show appreciation to God for protection, grace, mercy, love, kindness,…the list is endless. Gratitude is the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness- its a mighty force and it can change the whole landscape of our lives. It can take a situation that seems dead or hopeless and infuse it with light and life.

Mostly, practicing giving thanks in all things changes us. It is a worthy habit to pursue.


Time after time in the Word of God we are called to give thanks and it is also a moral obligation. Not only is God more than worthy of our grateful hearts, but the act of thanksgiving also reminds us of who we are and who HE is.

Every breath we take comes from him. Every good thought we have is a gift from him. When we lie down at night and sleep in peace, it is because of him. When we rise up and we are still with him, its a gift.

Gratitude is like laughter: It is internal medicine. It soothes the soul of the giver and the given.

Sometimes we need a reminder that there are more than enough thing to be thankful for. Let’s see, there are:

Family and friends—The Celestial heavens and galaxies—The beautiful earth with myriad plants and flowers—The miraculous ways in which our bodies function—The air we breathe but cannot see—Various means of transportation—Constant advances in medical science—Sanitation and clean water—Protectors of law and order—Emergency assistance—Instant telecommunication—parties and celebrations—Safe places to worship—Gravity that holds us to the ground—Paved streets and high ways with signs and signals—Safe food and refrigeration—The privilege of property ownership—Great books and libraries—Masterful paintings, music, and sculptures—People to love us and for us to love…  

You can finish this list with your own reminders of what a good life you have and why you need to show gratitude!

As we turn our hearts toward God in thanks, we turn our hearts towards each other too. We begin to notice simple kindnesses and receive them.

“The attitude of gratitude is a welcoming invitation to a party that never ends”.

I love November. As nature begins its winter slumber, our hearts are invited to awaken to a season specially set apart for thanksgiving and jubilation. As we reflect on all we have to be grateful for in the month ahead, we prepare our hearts for the most beautiful birthday season of all time.

Let’s Celebrate…………………………….Welcome to the Month of November………………………………November for Gratitude!!!


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