Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might-Ecclesiastes 9:10″

My little cousin Paula is the greatest rule maker I’ve ever known. At age 9, she dictates to almost everyone as if she were in a real military base. Her strong spirited act of willfulness and doggedness is one of the things that attracts me to her and makes me over look her obstinacy. She is someone who believes that whatever work you are asked to do…do it thoroughly and with a crowd in front of you- oh well, i forgot to mention that she loves attention and a pretty large audience topping the fact that she is the leader of her school’s group play. Her doggedness proved her commendable last year on the day of her school’s Show-and-Tell. A week to the event, she had begun announcing and informing everyone in the neighborhood-not failing to emphasize the fact that she was going to make a presentation during show and tell-and NO ONE was permitted to miss her “big” performance. She had us write it down on sticker notes and post it on the refrigerator, set our alarm for 6 am that day, recall it over and over again-trust me that wore us out even before the gloriously awaited day came.

On the day of Show-and-Tell, we drove her up to school-with weak eyelids and sleepy brains-earlier than almost everyone, except the security, cleaners and a few teachers. A few minutes later, students, parents and guests began to arrive and Show-and-Tell commenced, although most of the time i wasn’t really paying attention throughout…until it was time for Paula to make her presentation. After being called upon, she walked graciously to the stage, courtesied and started singing and dancing to the song “supacalifrajalistilispialidocious”. She did quite well although she kept mixing the tongue twister up however her sweet dainty voice could not just be ignored and the way she sang with so much gusto made me realize that although no one was really enjoying the song, she was having fun singing and with a crowd having to watch her- the two things she loved best.

Although she got the fourth position, that didn’t stop her from talking about the day’s event over-and-over again as we drove home. Later i asked Paula why she sang with so much gusto, she said “Aunt, i know most people didn’t enjoy my presentation, but the bible says that whatever your hands findeth doing, do it well, and that is exactly what i did…and that’s why i had fun today”

Her response stunned me however, it is the truth- “whatever your hands findeth doing, do it well.”                                          If its painting you know how to do-PAINT. If it is writing-WRITE, cooking-COOK, drawing-draw…whatever it is do it well. Forget about the pay or the embarrassment it may bring and go ahead and do that work well. An adage says:

“if you have a bridge to cross, cross it well so that even in your absence, people would give credit to the fact that you did it well”

Like Paula, we all should be committed to our activities and duties, and put much enthusiasm and life into what you are doing; be it toilet washing or a cleaner or a doctor or a cab man or even a lawyer…just do it WELL! So even if Paula sounded pretty funny, i can’t wait to see what her Show-and-Tell performance would look like this year December, and i know she’s going to do very well.


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