In higher education one has the opportunity to offer compulsory and/or optional/elective courses.So with the issue of Life and Living; this cover matters pertaining to spirituality, health, social, finance, career,etc. In all, the base and the fundamental is the Spiritual, for life to have meaning you must have the basic spiritual foundations.The first and most important thing to do is to acknowledge your true state and the danger ahead, repent and get a right standing with God. The must of life is a MUST; In life there are things you must do consciously or unconsciously:

  1. YOU MUST BELONG TO A FAMILY: You naturally originate from a family and that is not your decision, spiritually however you must decide to belong to one, either the family of God through Jesus Christ or the family of darkness through Ignorance, Indecision, Unwillingness, Rebellion, Foolishness, etc.
  2. YOU MUST ALIGN IN A FORCE: There had been military alignment even before the World War 1& 2. Once you are born on earth and from the spiritual state of knowledge of good and evil, and especially from the human age of accountability you are aligned in a force line. I invite you not to stay ignorant, align with God’s force through Jesus Christ now.
  3. YOU MUST BATTLE: Whether you like it or not you have to battle and that battle has started from your conception and will continue till the final judgment before the throne of God when all shall be laid to rest but till then, YOU MUST BATTLE! Whichever family, force of alignment you are inclined, you are booked to battle, no neutral ground. The only obvious fact is that the Children of God battle to establish the truth of the battle that has been won by Jesus while others battle to waste their lives and resources.
  4. YOU MUST GIVE ACCOUNT: On whosoever side you align, you are responsible whether by implication, conception or inclination. If you battle in God’s army or satan’s force you must account for whatever you do, how and why you do what you did. On the day of accountability, you will realize YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN! Everyman shall give account of whatever he/she has done in the flesh/body.
  5. YOU MUST LIVE FOREVER: The fact remains that you are a spirit being and so life continues even after this physical World. Your account, leads to your judgment and that leads to your eternal destination in Heaven with Jesus Christ the Chief Captain of the Army of God or with satan the arch-enemy of man and the chief captain of the host of darkness. Then some will bless God forever while others will weep and cry had i known forever, and then your address would be eternally fixed.

Where Stand Ye?


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