Review: The Best Poems & Poets Of 2005


Title: The Best Poems And Poets Of 2005

Genre: Poetry

Publisher: The International Library Of Poetry

Editor: Howard Ely

Links: Amazon

Throughout life, information is collected and stored. These informations are based on experience and its storage is our own way of trying to make sense of it. Our inability to fully understand these experiences is based upon the fact that we look at the surface of the things that occur in our lives, whereas, the true and exact understanding comes from within these events. There is however no better way to look beneath the surface of these experiences than to externalize the informations based on these experiences. By doing this, we are giving way to a better perspective of these events and also making sure for a broader and wider view of life. Through this way, people can now tell how they feel without going off balance in description and ART is one way to do so. This ART lies in the bosom of POETRY.

An Expression of Art:

My dad is one of the those whose poems were published in this book. He and many other poets understand that there is more to the explanation of events than just its documentation and storage. They believe that the best way to document and still keep these experiences alive is in externalizing our emotions and knowledge of these events through POETRY. On the first page of the book is his poem, titled “Hurricane Blues” …

Hurricane Katrina waltzed it way

Through the planes of New Orleans

As men swayed in disarray

Like fish tossed out of water

Our hearts as empty as a cave

Our minds as blank as darkness

The holocaust befalling

And a trail of death to leave behind

Much like Hiroshima

Licking our wounds still

Our hearts sunk in desolation

Next Rita tangoed its way

To sweep the planes of the Gulf

With every flight and form

Stage to stage gathering momentum

Like a rocket heading for space

I recoiled to the thundering

Wind clapping against my roof

Rehearsing more holocaust to come

Alas! Wondering! My next move upon

My frail nerves and feeble bones

I shopped for a journey to nowhere

For tomorrow I leave town

For Hurricane Rita.

Obukaroro Ohwoataike Ovadje 

Our Feelings:

Poetry is Art

Poetry is when an Emotion has found its thoughts and the thoughts has found words- Robert Frost

Poetry is The rhythmical creation of beauty in words- Edgar Allan Poe

Poetry is an Escape form emotion and personality and only those who have personality and emotion understand what it means to escape from these things- T. S. Elliott

Poetry is The Spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings- William Wordsworth

Poetry is The one Place where people can speak their original human mind- Allen Ginsberg

Poetry is not Only Dream and vision; it is the skeleton architecture of our lives- Audre Lorde

Poetry is Genuine and can communicate before it is understood

Poetry is an Echo, asking a shadow to dance- Carl Sandburg

Poetry is Thoughts that breathe and words that burn- Thomas Gray

Poetry is the Opening and closing of a door, leaving those who look through to guess about what is seen during the moment- Carl Sandburg

Poetry is Finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the Universal, and history only the particular- Aristotle

Poetry is Nearer to vital truth than history- Plato

Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash- Leonard Cohen

Poetry is Inner Peace



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