My Halloween Diary.

I love when Halloween is around the corner because I get to see people in TV dressed up as horrors in various costume styles. I love the scary-fat-triangle-eyed-pumpkin-faced man and his “HAHAHAH”laugh filled with an amusing amount of terror.
The Halloween spirit has begun to rubb off on everyone(except for a few in Africa). Kids are getting dressed as horrors, going from door-to-door demanding candy with menaces.
I’ve never had an upclose participation in the Halloween event;technically, Halloween isn’t recognised in Africa, precisely Nigeria and that is where I come from. But that doesn’t mean I can’t bask in the Halloween spirit. This year my parents decided to observe Halloween in a rather peculiar style; by telling us true stories that had been passed from generation to generation.

DAY 1:So for yesterday’s story, my dad in his own words, told us a strange story…

“My grandfather was a very wealthy man who had lots of possessions; animals, farmlands, gold, money, etc. He had eight slaves in the house -OVADJE COURT-, eight slaves on each farmlands; altogether he had 40 slaves and still counting. His favourite however was a young girl from the Gold Coast, now Ghana called Nana Gold. Grandpa gave her the name because he found her when she was very little, during one of his trips to Ghana and he brought her home with him to be his servant but she was more like a daughter to him. Grandpa treated all his servants so well that if you ever saw them, they looked well kept and fed like kings. Nana was very hardworking and beautiful, although she was the youngest “slave-daughter” my grandfather had. Grandpa’s house had an orchid in front of it and that was Nana’s favourite hangout.
One morning, she was sweeping the front of the house, around the orchid when the most wicked beast; a lion came out from one of the bushes around, pounced on Nana and took her away…”
That was yesterday’s story in my father’s own words. Nana was taken away by a Lion and nobody could help her…did she shout, did she fight back…

At this point, I have to stop writing because my siblings and I are taking out investigations (don’t be decieved, we are arguing not investigating) into the disappearance of Nana.
I think the Lion took Nana away for another reason but not to eat her, however,
My cousin also feels that Nana must have been alive with the lion several years later as she was only 16 when it took her away…
As you’re getting into the Halloween mood, duty “operation investigation of Nana’s disappearance” calls for me.
You can join in our investigations, you’re welcome on the team. We’ll appreciate.
H A P P Y H A L L O W E E N ★


Where Words Meet

“Get out”, She yelled “I don’t ever want to set my eyes on you, you’re a disgrace,” she continued “you bring me pain and shame, I hate you, I despise you, you irritate me…I…I…

Have you ever said something(s) to someone and at the end you felt bad and wished you could take it back, or has someone ever said something to you that made you feel weak and weary. Of course, you must be in either one of the category or both. There were times when someone said some pretty or rather, extremely harsh words to me and no matter my reaction, be it positive or negative, those words had already been spoken. And try as the person might, the apologies could help ease the pain and hurt brought about by those words, but the sad part about words that spill out of our mouth is that-THEY CAN NEVER BE TAKEN BACK. Everything we give in this world can be taken back except the words that come out of our mouth.
On our planet earth, there are people with different vocal-box control buttons, just as there are cars whose engine capacity differs from each other. Just as there are those whose voice-box package comes with an easy-to-control button that there is little or no need for one to read its operational manual, so also there are those whose control button is stiff, hard and could make the fingers go numb, not forgetting that you’ll need dozens and scores of manuals to learn how to operate and control it.
Dealing with people who have the latter package could be quite difficult. They’re the kind of people I’ll refer to as “BLUNT(BUT)INCONSIDERATE”. They are the ones who’ll tell you to your face that you suck and could even exaggerate how much you suck, the ones who’ll boldly slander you in your face and say how much of a retard you are, not minding where and how much hurt the words would cause.
Such people need extra care and caution in their everyday activities with others. I’ve come to the conclusion that these kind of people, tend to elevate and give themselves “self-appraise” or let me put it this way “self wash” and they love to play the game “oh-I’m-way-smarter-than-you”, and they have the “Red Alert Boldness”. My advise to you dear is that whenever such people get too comfortable and bold around you, Get up and FLEE!
What kind of word(s) have you said to someone or has someone said to you? Trust me if you felt bad after saying hurtful words to someone you still have your conscience intact and i’ll find you way approachable than those who’ll say spiteful things and don’t act in any way concerned. How do you relate with others in your day to day affairs. No matter how much wrong a person does and no matter the gravity of fault one has, saying hurting and aggravated words only makes you more at fault than the person you are trying to reprimand. Control the words that come out of your mouth. Making others feel hurt by your words don’t make you smart, wise or blunt rather it depicts a mean, unconcerned and gory image of you.
If everyone on earth thought before they spoke, no matter the situation involved, the world would be a better place: free from hurt, pain and anger brought about by words said. A Biblical example should be that of Adam, when God asked him why he ate the forbidden fruit and Adam responded outrightly saying “is it not the woman you gave me”. I’m sure he must have felt sorry afterwards but it was too late, he had already spoken. Try watching what you say and how you talk because truth be told, the thing about words still remains “THEY CAN NEVER BE TAKEN BACK”
I composed the poem below, to show how words could go a long way, either hurting or mending.

Around the corner I have a friend
A friend so dear to the end
A friend so real even at a bend
A friend that sticks to the end

At dawn he’s there to share my joy
At noon he stays to share my pain
One whose heart is more beautiful than Helen of Troy
And has no single blot of vain

In my celebrations he comes first
And he’s there at his best
Two worlds became one
Together forever,then and now

But deciet crawled in
And mistrust caved in
Words were said
Sentences flew in and out
We least cared
What was going on about

Words that pierced
Words that shattered
Words that broke
Were the words we spoke

And even though at the end
The crack in the wall we mend
Things were never the same again
Because words had caused us pain
Things shared and said

But even with the scar
I’ll rather bend the bar
Because I have a friend so dear
One who sticks out to the End.

The world would be a better place if only we all thought before we spoke. What have you said to someone that hurt so much; even a mere joke could cause a strain and push the gap between you and that person further apart.
My Dad illustrates it this way “The world is totally unbalanced, it’s tilted. Every good and kind word we say, gives our little unbalanced world a right-side-up push to gradually balance it and every hurtful and bad word we say gives the world a wrong-side-up push, leaving mother earth totally and more unbalanced”.
Learn to use your mouth wisely; Control that which comes out of your mouth. Bless and don’t Cause. Appreciate and don’t Discriminate. Commend don’t Condem. Tell sweet words of encouragement from soul to soul. Applaud when necessary; and if there be need for correction, do it with love and understanding. For…

There’s that Friend Around the Corner
Whose joy we share without no border
But if wrong words are spilled
The joy of our friend is killed
And tho we would love him to stay
Our friend might just have to go
A price we have to pay
For making our words so cold.

The Body Begat The Name

According to Wikipedia, Success can be defined as an attainment of higher social status, the achievement of a goal… I’ll rather reckon with the latter part of this definition “…the achievement of a goal…” for now, till I give my own definition of success.
Success you’ll agree cannot be achieved without hardwork but there must be a vision at the beginning of the line. When one has a vision, for it to become a success, hardwork must be included. You don’t just wake up with a vision and all of a sudden embrace success;its a gradual process that must be backed up with hardwork. Its like a body and a name; there’s no name without a body. For instance, my mum could never have named me Stacy if there was no ‘body’, so also a name cannot be given to an organisation without the organisation(physical). That’s a perfect illustration for hardwork and success. Hardwork is the body, Success is the name. The body carries the name.
If one has vision but lacks hardwork-no matter how bright, wonderful and achievable that vision is, there is no way success can be achieved. Its a norm to have vision (haven’t seen anyone without a vision tho) however that vision must be braced with hardwork because its the bridge to success. If you don’t want to pass this bridge but still want to attain success, its impossible because the ‘truth of the matter’ is that there are no shortcuts. When that vision get implanted in you, you must plough and till its young tender soil with hardwork to finally reap success. You can’t attain success without hardwork, same as there is no perfectly working car without an engine or its source of power; but if you see any you’re free to contact me and i’ll reverse this statement; awww don’t get about hoping for Toyota or Nissan or Hyundai to come up with such an idea, nothing works without a source of power and Hardwork definitely and forever will come first before success.
A student who wrote an exam with the aim of getting an A+ but got a C, had backed up that goal with work and not ‘HARD’work. Let me lay emphasis on the kind of work you need to give that vision a successful end; you need ‘HARD’work, not just -work. Success is the name, Hardwork is the body, and the body begat the name. Until a mother gives birth to a baby that can be held,seen and felt, that is when the name becomes useful and valuable. An organisation without the individuals coming together to stand as a body, cannot have a name. Success comes after hardwork, it has never been the other way round. The likes of NELSON MANDELA, BEN CARSON, ELEANOR ROOSEVELT, OPRAH WINFREY…but to mention a few have proved to me beyond measure, that hardwork used to brace and back up your vision would definately integrate a rupture of success.
If you want to achieve your vision and not just achieving it but successfully achieving that vision, get that engine started, top it up with an extra-energy-fuelled ‘HARD’work and drive up all the way to success.
Remember, Hardwork is the body; Success is the name…
No name without a body.
For your Vision to be materialised, Hardwork first, Success next.
I said I was going to give my own definition of success- “Success is the end product of an aim, goal, ambition or vision, that has been coherently backed up by Hardwork”.

A cup of Mercy & A teaspoon of Grace



He was a chronic herbalist and by herbalist I mean voodoo; you know, blackmagic, the dark arts and stuffs. He had sacrificed lot of souls and wasted lives. Thwarting of destinies was his hobby, causing mayhem his vocation. He handled the dark art affairs very well; so well that he looked like a ‘god” himself. He wore charms and amulets, smeared animal blood all over his body and he had his bath next to never. He made young ones scurry for safety and little children cling thightly to the hem of their mothers dress, so fearful and native was he that mothers used him to scare children to do their bidings: “eat your food now or I’ll call the voodoo man”, “go and have your bath or the herbalist would take you away.” He made men tremble and women faint. His voodoo was his life, he had no family,  his charms and amulets were enough.

And then…

He fell seriously ill; and on his death bed, he gave his life to christ and of course, God will accept a sinner because he is now labelled a new creature. I told a friend of mine this story and the question he asked was so complex; “Why should God forgive him after all the souls he had wasted so many lives?” And I still asked myself that same question “why did God forgive him?” The answer is MERCY. Our God is sooooo full of mercy, he is ever forgiving and always ready to give us a warm embrace and say “Welcome back home.” His fountain of mercy never runs dry and he gracefully fills our cup of mercy so that it overflows incessantly. No matter the type of sin one might have committed, once genuine repentance takes place, mercy sets in, grace covers all and sins are erased, forgiven and forgotten.  “WHAT AN AURA OF MERCY WE HAVE FROM GOD”

Mercy is God’s work that never tires him or wears him out. You may cower because of your sins, but his mercy is still there- brand new, unfading and never wears out. When he flooded the world during the time of noah, mercy made him declare the rainbow convenant to all of mankind; born and yet unborn. Mercy made him send his only begotten son “JESUS”; that is a very enormous gesture of mercy that none can contend with. Such act deserves an applause. .no…an award; and that award is the redemption of your soul and my soul.             A story was told of a pastor who was once a ritualist. He had killed so many souls and stolen destinies from a lot of people, rendering them useless. As God will have it he was given a cup of mercy and a spoon of Grace; and that brought about his repentance. He was later called to serve as a pastor. During a crusade he made an alter call and a particular man came out, seeing the man, the pastor broke down in tears, when he was asked why he wept, he explained that the man who came out was one of the people whose destiny he had taken…..but mercy made him a pastor, and mercy restored the hope and glory of the other man- mercy, mercy, mercy.

It is not that God ignores our sins or pretends it never happened, but because of his great love for us, his inestimable measure of mercy and his extravagant grace he declares us worthy through christ. There is no need anymore to hide in the shadows, we can be known and be free. We may be dissapointed in ourselves and exchange mercy for miles, putting distance between us and God. God is not like that, he still yearns for us to draw closer to him. Knowing all our sins and wrongdoings, he reaches out and pulls us close— THAT IS MERCY!!!















An Interview with My Mum: She stays at home.

Virtually everyone on this planet have the bizarre thought that a woman who dosn’t go to work but stays at home is lazy and boring. They feel that such woman would be fat, ugly, lazy, boring and dull. They think they might not get through a conversation with them without dying of boredom.  Well, I decided to do some investigations and I came up with this interview of my mum. Why? She’s a clear opposite of the tags placed on housewives. My mum is young; early forties, fair, of average height, mother of three…okay let her do the talking…


BRIEF INTRODUCTION: Married to an engineer. An african woman who loves rich african culture, in her early forties and a lover of the colour green; it’s nature. A graduate of Federal Polytechnic, Oko, Anambra state, Nigeria. Read banking and finance- once worked in an oil company as an accountant. A Nigerian; Delta state to be precise.

THE DECISION TO BE A HOUSEWIFE WAS IT YOURS OR NATURE’S? That decision was mine. Like I said earlier on in my introduction, I was working as an accountant when I got married and when the kids started coming, I resigned. I resigned because I wanted to give my kids the full attention they deserve, moreover I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving my kids with someone or at the day care even for a minute or two. 

YOUR EXPERIENCE SO FAR? I’ve been a housewife for the past eighteen years, and my experience is a double sided one. Sometimes annoying, other times good but most of the time it has been wonderful. My staying at home to look after my children; all three of them, has helped me grow up with them, it has broadened and expanded my knowledge about them and so now, even though they are much older I know them inside out. I know what Stacy can do, I know what Anne can do likewise what Nicholas can do. So no one can tell a lie against them because I know them inside out. Another part of my experience is with the home. I’ve been able to maintain my home, knowing what goes in and out, who comes in and who goes out, keeping the home neat and clean especially when the kids were still little. And the sweetest experience so far with being a housewife is  my personal life experience.

HOW? The things I do as a housewife, the freedom and space I have, I may not have done or had any of those assets if I were working. Things I enjoyed like getting them ready for school, feeding the baby, taking long strolls when no one else was at home and things I still do like driving around the neighbourhood,  paying more attention to my looks, going to the gym….oohhh and the social aspects too, outings; alone and with the family, parties, hanging out with friends, taking the kids to parties and organising their own, celebrating birthdays in full and not having anything like work get in the way. Now I can get through a manicure session successfully- *giggles* I hardly got through a manicure-pedicure session without messing it up, now I get through easily. And most importantly it has helped in my closeness to God. Staying at home has given me more time to draw closer to God, knowing God more, reading my bible and praying for my family.

SO BEING A WORKING MOTHER IS WRONG? Not at all, it isn’t wrong. When it becomes wrong is when you put work before your kids and family, when your family is lacking and your focus is on your work. However, if you are coping well with the kids and work, and the results with the family is positive, go ahead dear, keep it up!!!

*clears throat* without heading any further, I hope I’ve been able to prove to you beyond any reasonable doubt through this interview with my mum that a being a housewife is still very much as interesting or even more interesting than being a working mum…….*courtesies*











As he walked down to the bus station he couldn’t help but notice the raw look on the faces of the people he passed by. They gazed at him in a cold and unfriendly manner, some with disgust and disdain written all over their faces.  Their plain hard stare made him feel uneasy and he picked up his pace. The ground felt hard and cold under his feet which was unusual for a really sunny day, no doubt the rains had been quite scarce that year, but the ground felt foreign to his feet.

He got to the bus station with a queasy feeling and a puzzled look on his face. The bus had not yet arrived and there was a long line of people surging to get bus tickets from the ticket booth up ahead. He joined the line and almost immediately the rush stopped; everyone was staring at him, peering hard with much irritation, their gaze piercing hard right through his skin. If eyes could kill he would have dropped dead right on that spot. He felt more uncomfortable, as they began avoiding him but still most concious of the ticket buying. Battling with the squeamish feeling their gaze brought, the intense heat of the sun was no better as it burned high and hard through his cloth piercing right through his flesh. He was feeling roasted. “Curse this sun,” he muttered under his breath as he struggled to maintain his position on the line amidst the full glare of the people around. The hot sun made him realise how thirsty he was and he wished for a cold drink.

“Mum look,”a little child screamed out, “that man is black.” Everyone turned around to look at him, as he looked at the child still pointing at him. She held onto her mother’s hand as she continued “why is he in a line with white people?” He prayed for a miracle as the line seemed not to be moving. Then he noticed something quite weird, he was at the back of the line; the last person on the line- he had been unconciously bounced to the end of the line and as such was the last person on the line. Why?

Because he is Black!!!

After buying the ticket, he sat under a shade waiting patiently for the bus as he sipped the drink he bought at the station’s shop. Prayers finally answered, the bus arrived and he scurried to his feet to join the line of people queining to enter the bus. Getting on the bus, he noticed that there was still that skin-piercing gaze of everyone on him.

“You can’t sit here.” A voice behind him said. Quite startled, he turned around and saw a man quite older than him, peering hard at him through the spectacles he wore.

“Why?” he asked in an uncertain tone.

“What do you mean why?” the man bellowed at him, “you are black, the whites sit in front, the blacks sit at the back” he spoke further “that’s if there is a sit at the back”, he added, stirring up laughter from the people in the bus.

With uneasiness and fear of physical harassment, he moved to the back of the bus. Having a feeling of insecurity and unsure of his life and safety, all because…
















Pass it On○○○

There are various fables that have been passed around from generations to generations. For example, the fable of having someone who passes through walls and chimenys on christmas eve to drop gifts by the tree and in our stockings. Is there really a santa clause that exists, is the ghost of halloween real, are there bunnies that actually drop eggs around the house during easter,….

What fable have you been told as a child; now that you know its not true, what difference does it make? Will you pass this same fable to your children and grand children so that they have a fun and swell childhood or you’ll tell them in plain words; “chris there is no santa”, “tasha the easter bunnies do not exist”…. Would  you do that or pass it on??




And He Learned

Rethink the Rant

When he noticed the naked little girl at the beach didn’t look quite like he did and asked why, they answered his questions in simple phrases painted in black and white, pink and blue, and tradition. And he learned that boys and girls were different.

When one of the neighbor kids painted his nails, they got angry. That wasn’t something boys did. And he learned that there were different rules for boys and girls, and that breaking those made people upset.

When he was handed down a pink bike from his cousin, they replaced it with a blue one, because they didn’t want him to be mocked for having a “girly” bike. And he learned that being girly was something to be mocked.

When he cried, they told him to be a man. And he learned that crying, and being not a man, was something less.

When he was being picked…

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A Short Story: Prayer


Praying at Heavens Gate.

I know of a man; David Livingstone, he was born in Scotland in 1813. Of course when I say I know him dosn’t mean I had met him one on one. I met him on a long journey through his story- his biography. I know David to be one of history’s greatest explorers..-before I go on with my story, please dont get me wrong for the umpteenth time, the storyline of this story is unique and different, why, I’m going to tell the story my way…….

David was one of five children in a poor family that resided in two small rooms. His parents were poor in earthly wealth but rich in spirit, and they inspired their son to devote his life to serving God and his fellow man.  Livingstone began working in the cotton mills at age ten and continued there for many years, eventually earning enough money to put himself through college, where he studied medicine and theology. He spent most of his adult life exploring Africa, bringing “modern” medicine and God’s Word to its remotest regions. He was the first person to cross the continent from east to west and the first white man to see Victoria Falls. He planted missions, spread the gospel, and endured incredible hardships. In doing so, it is said that he added a million square miles to what was then considered the whole world-and hundreds, maybe thousands of souls to the heavenly rolls.

He was showered with accolades for his work. But the thing about his life that touches my heart and perhaps the heart of others is the way he died…-wait, I’m about to tell you an interesting kind of death so listen carefully…. Early on the morning of May 1, 1873, he was found dead, kneeling beside his bed; I told you his death was interesting, but that’s not all. While doing God’s will, praying alone in a remote African hut, he was lifted up by God’s own hand and surrounded by the heavenly host singing a glorious “Amen!”

He died in what I presume to be a strange but extraordinary manner- he died whilst praying. This is just another one of the many stories of the heroes of faith.

“Pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. -1 THESSALONIANS 5:17-18”










Disconnect to Connect: Journey to Sobriety



“Stop, breathe deeply, stay still, be calm, communicate with your inner man, have Inner Peace…..” Po was told.  The Kung fu panda, you remember don’t you. Master Shifu sure knew what he was doing telling a troubled panda to have inner peace.Stupid as it may seem, it’s the truth. Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hardwork. Rather it means to be in the misdt of all the noise, troubles and chaos and still be CALM IN YOUR HEART. Now don’t get me wrong, i didnt say you should play deaf to the things happening around you, I mean having a quite and still mind; your inner man needs to talk too. Even dear Buddha said and I quote “True and lasting inner peace can never be found in external things. It can only be found within.  And then, once we find and nuture it within ourselves, it radiates outward.”-Buddha. As my mum puts it “there are lots of annoying containers everywhere, your ability to deal with them, strenghtens your inner man and nourishes inner peace.” What kind of container are you dealing with; is it pain, malice, anxiety, worry, depression, boredom, hatred…..Nothing is worth losing your inner peace. Take action as circumstances require,  but never surrender your inner peace. Its simple; Disconnect with the outer world and Connect with your inner man, he’ll take you on an awesome Journey to Sobriety. Trust me or rather ‘trust him’. So right now I’m going to join Master Shifu in finding inner peace…Stop.Breathe deeply.close my eyes.Breath deeply again…..ahhhhh…..Relax….peace…peace….peac…eeeee *silence*