“Angular” To Me…

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Angular.”

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Let us therefore feed our eyes on that which holds beauty and let us set our minds on the joy it brings.

The Great Wall of China has been a World-Wonder for centuries. The story behind this wall has been passed on from generations before to generations now and would still be passed on to generation of the future. However what they failed to pass across, is the beauty in the wall itself. As i stand looking at this wall, its construction pattern, the Zig-Zag pattern it has formed upon the sturdy foundations of which it was built, i can’t help but bask in the amazement and reality that of a truth what i can see is real. Angular to me is the difference between then and now…

Angular to me is Art

Angular is Beauty

Angular is Creativity

Angular is the Agreement of Shapes to form an Amazing View

Angular is Elegance

Angular is Purpose

Angular is A-Break-From-The-Norm

Angular is Colour

Angular is the Happiness you get in knowing that that which you feast your eyes on is real

Angular is Productivity

Angular is Style

Angular is Class

Angular is Reality

Angular is The Confirmatory Signal of Victory

Angular is Hope

Angular is Peace

Angular to me is…..EVERYTHING!!!


“Everybody is w…

“Everybody is worth your time. You never know, you may have been the last hope that person needed to renew their faith in people or God”

always be ready to help. Going out of your way to help dosn’t hurt you. Rather it strenghtens your inner being for tough times ahead.